Xinwei Cook
Xinwei Cook is an innovative Shanghai-based food delivery service that boasts restaurant quality meals. However, what truly sets them apart is that they allow the customer to do the cooking. Xinwei Cook prepares and measures out necessary ingredients for customers’ selected dish and delivers the portions to their door.
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As Xinwei Cook’s target consists of both local and expatriate customers, we helped them define a good user experience appealing to both targets, and developed an e-commerce website that allows them to effectively sell and reach clients in China.

User Interface/ Experience

By helping Xinwei Cook to define their entire user experience, we were able to optimize their transformation rate. To do so we identified and studied the normal journey of the user: from arriving onto the website, to the last point in payment.

Ease of use

The website was developed using drupal, and included a back-office which allows Xinwei Cook to manage their own content autonomously. This is useful for the staff at Xinwei Cook, as their site constantly promotes new recipes and products. Therefore, they are able to save valuable time.

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