Shoot the cookies by Mc Vities
Founded in 1809, McVitie's is hardly a name that needs introducing as UK's leading purveyor in biscuits and cakes. Widely loved by all in the UK, McVitie's Rich tea biscuits were chosen to be made into Prince William's groom cake for his wedding reception.
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Working in conjunction with Fred & Farid agency, we joined McVitie's front line in their war against the evil digital cookies. We developed for this project a website and two web extensions designed for two tasks: seek & destroy (cookies).

User Interface/ Experience

We armed McVitie's troops with two web browser extensions (for Chrome and Firefox) to destroy the nefarious cookies. Essentially, the extension rids users of all cookies that track their internet usage. What could be more fitting for a biscuit company to make their stance in a world of cookies (both computer wise and food wise).

Drupal Development

The website was developed using Drupal and was a simple one-page website presenting the concept with a video, allowing users to download the extensions and letting them know the numbers of cookies eliminated.

97% efficiency

100 Headlines

+4M cookies destroyed

Biscuits = 1 / Cookies = 0

The campaign had a huge success.

  • More than 1 million cookies were destroyed in the first twelve hours
  • More than 4 million in total
  • More than 5 million in earned media
  • More than 97% penetration rate
  • More than 100 blogs headlines
  • The project was nominated at the FWA (Favorite Website Awards)
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