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Is there a specific industry or business type that you design and develop for?

Nope! We are a web agency with over 200 finished projects online over a large range of different industries. Our digital services are offered to all industries, budgets, and requirements.

Do you provide website hosting as well?

As we want to focus on what we do best, we leave web hosting to our partners who provide specialized hosting services. Nevertheless, sit back and relax, we'll help you in finding the perfect solution for your needs and will take care of all the details for you.

What services do you provide?

Our services mainly lie within website and mobile design & development. However, what makes us special as a digital agency in Shanghai is our tailored service. If you have specific requirements or ideas that you want to have realized, we're more than happy to provide a custom service to those with a specific vision.

For more information on our services, please visit our services page!

I can't get enough of reading about you! How can I find out more about your company?

Just to give you a quick recap: Mediasia Interactive is a growing digital agency based in Shanghai. Our team specializes in web / mobile design and development, leveraging Drupal and other cutting edge technologies to do so.

To find out more about us, please visit our About page.

How many people are in the Mediasia team?

Our team currently consists of: - 2 Backend / Mobile / Game Developers - 3 Drupal Developers - 1 Designer - 2 Theme Integrators - 3 Project Managers - 1 Human Resources - 1 Assistant

Our team is constantly in flux, as we are always looking to expand and make our team evolve!

When was Mediasia Interactive founded?

Mediasia Interactive started off in the good old days back in 2011. Since then, we can proudly say that we've taken part in over 200 projects across a multitude of industries. Having the technological expertise along with the experience we're now at our prime to produce great work with you!

Is all your work done in-house?

We have a wonderfully talented team, but while we do keep up with our workload, there's only so much our team members can take on. Very occasionally, we bring in a trusted partner to help us out. However, this is exceedingly rare and the partners that we do work with often provide services that we don't offer, such as photography, film production, or copywriting. Together, we work to ensure quality contents consistent with your brand.

Are you looking to hire?

We're always on the lookout for hidden talent! Check out our [page] page to see if you'd suit any of our open positions. If not, feel free to send us your resume regardless. After all (as we've said before), we're always on the lookout!

About your digital project

Why should I come to you guys when I found a freelancer who can do it for half the price?

Although we're sure your freelancer will work to the best of his ability, we're pretty certain that our agency can provide a final product that they won't be able to match up to.

The reason? Our step-by-step and organized approach, our structure, the unique mix of talents composing our team. At our agency, our team adheres to a tried-and-true process that ensures your satisfaction: e.g. long-term support, branding services etc.

I've worked with other web agencies in other parts of the world. Why are you so affordable/pricey compared to them?

Our pricing system covers basic business costs, such as the cost to keep everything in our office running (e.g. office space, electricity, coffee). However, we do try to keep our pricing tailored to the project, so the quoted price generally depends on your project! For each project, we'll have to take into account the services you'll require (will you need branding? Copywriting? Photography? Well, you get the gist).

How does the payment schedule work?

This depends on the size of your project. Generally, we require 50% to begin our work on the project within 30 days, and the final 50% once the project has been completed. For larger scale projects, we require 50% to begin work, 30% when we complete the first functional demo, and 20% at delivery.

Have you worked with other companies in my industry?

Perhaps! We have worked across a range of industries and businesses, all of which are listed on our [page] page. However, even if we haven't had the chance to work with your industry before, we're confident that our team can do great work for you. For each project, we work closely with each client to gain a full understanding of their vision, target audience, core purposes, and other elements that make up a brand.

I'm not exactly sure of what I need on my website. What should I do?

Don't worry, we've got your back. If you're unsure as to what you're looking for, be sure that is it our job to do it for you. We could look into improving your current website, or exploring new ideas. Regardless of which option you chose, we will provide you with a few ideas before you decide whether or not to take the leap to work together!

How long does it take you to finish a project?

This is dependent on the nature of the project itself. A common misconception is that it is in our interest to keep projects going for as long as possible, when frankly, it's quite the opposite. After all, we don't have unlimited resources to spread the workload!

To give you an approximation of how long your project would take, give us a call! We'll first have a chat to get a good understanding of your project and to create a tailored solution.

Why can't you just work on my existing website?

We could, but that depends on how well your existing site has been built. Often, it's actually much less costly to start from scratch than to fix up a badly built site. While we are willing to fix up your current site, we would prefer not to work on a project that could become an issue for both you and our agency in the future. If you're unsure about how your site has been built, feel free to give us a call for an appraisal.

My website has been completed. What now?
Now that your website is launched on the Internet, the real work has just begun. You'll be given the option to decide whether you'd like us to stay on board or not. If so we can continue looking out for your business online and continue carrying out updates and churning out ideas.
But what if I don't like the website you've made?

Honesty is the best policy! Each project we work on is the result of a collaborative process. We rely on clear communication with our clients to deliver something that we're all happy with.

You feel hard to believe us? Check out our case studies!

What information would I need to provide for you to send me an estimate ?

The features you'd like to have: e.g. Blog, e-commerce, store finder etc.; A list of pages you'd like us to include; How many languages we should translate the site to; and whether you would like the site to be adapted to smartphones/tablets.

What's a web host?

"A web host is a company that hosts your website on the web.

If you are having trouble determining which one to use, our agency can also provide recommendations as to which companies we trust."

Is training provided after the project is completed?

Absolutely. We won't leave you stranded just because we've completed your project! After we've presented you with the final product, be it a website or a mobile application, you will be provided with either a face-to-face training meeting or a written manual.

Will warranty be provided after my project is completed?

Of course! For any project we take on, we always provide a 3 month corrective support. During the 3 months period, any bugs you find on your website or mobile app will be fixed (free of charge) by our team. However, this is a rare occurrence as our strict quality control weeds out 99% of the bugs and glitches.

What will the initial meeting entail?

During our first meeting, we will discuss about your vision and aim for the project. The meeting generally takes place before or after we've been sent the (brief) specifications of your project, and can be done face-to-face (our agency is based in Shanghai); over the phone; or via Skype.

How can I keep track on how my project is going?

While your project is still in progress, feel free to make regular checks on how everything is going. We'll be more than happy to give you a run-through of how your project is coming along, regardless of whether we're on the design or development stage.

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