As the leading distributor of international food products in China, Sinodis has been committed to delivering products of high-quality to China since 1996. The brand's passion for food is undeniable, as seen in their numerous projects to improve the understanding of international food among Chinese people.
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When Sinodis first came to us for consulting, we found that their previous website was doing a poor job of displaying the brand’s visual identity: the site itself was outdated and clashed with Sinodis’ corporate identity. By discussing and giving constructive suggestions, we were invited to revamp Sinodis’ website.

Revamped design

Through our revamp, Sinodis’ website went through the development of a new structure using Drupal, as well as an entirely revamped design to fit their new corporate visual identity.


We were also able to develop a customised function which allows users to create their own wishlist of products Sinods offers. To take this further, the wishlist can then be sent or shared due to a pdf print function. Asides from the wishlist, users are also able to manage their own favorite recipe list from their account, urging them to discover new dishes as well as increasing their purchases on Sinodis’ website.

Custom import method

As a leading player in the international foods market, Sinodis procures an extensive and constantly updated catalogue of products. For this reason, we developed a custom import method that facilitates staff in efficiently updating and importing entire catalogues, rather than importing items individually.

Drupal Development

The Chinese Web presents an unusual paradox: most customers in China make heavy use of recent smartphones and mobile navigation to browse the Internet, making them place far less emphasis on desktop navigation which often leads them to use comparatively old desktop browsers. For this reason, we ensured that Sinodis’ site could be viewed by all in China, as we presented a method of approach for customers through both channels. We used Drupal to build both a mobile-optimized version and a desktop version optimized to be compatible with browsers as old as Internet Explorer 7.

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