Cristal Jeroboam
As a renowned champagne house, Roederer continuously strives to create wines with style and spirit that exude luxury. With the launch of their new product, Cristal Roederer, the brand successfully creates a sophisticated gastronomic wine that is a combination of both subtlety and precision.
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To introduce the launch of Roederer's new "Cristal Jeroboam", we developed a website that conveys the product's luxurious tone, as well as Roederer's own history. The showcase website presents the product in 7 different languages, and also includes a private media space.

Visual Design

To showcase Cristal Roederer we created an exceedingly visually appealing website but not only. With the use of lazy scroll we created a smooth navigation experience making the discovery of Roederer's products ever more pleasant and thus retaining the visitors on the website.

Several Languages

Roederer’s website, which introduces their new product Cristal Roederer, is available in seven different languages including Arabic. The inclusion of this language was an important demand of Roederer and was quite challenging due to its specificities and specific way of reading. Therefore, we managed to integrate this demand by thinking very thoughtfully our web design while ensuring the best user's experience whichever the language chosen.

Drupal Development

We developed Roederer's website using Drupal, allowing us to include a back-office which allows Roederer's administrative staff to autonomously manage their own content without by themselves, thereby saving both time and money for the brand.

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