Cloud Slicer
Air France is one of the most prestigious airlines in the world, providing an acute representation of French expertise. For the launch of their new business cabins in Asia, we developed a promotional game / mobile application used during two events in Singapore and Osaka.
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Working in conjunction with Fred and Farid agency, we developed the social game / mobile application ‘Cloud Slicer’. Users were able to play and compete in the hope of winning upgrades to the newly built business classes on Air France flights. Two pilot events were held in airports of Osaka and Singapore to introduce the concept before the official launch on the different application stores. Since then, the game has received a huge acclaim and won the Mobile of the Day Award (one of the best distinction in the industry).

The Game Development

December 2014, the boarding gates of Changi Airport and Kansai Airport (in Singapore and Japan, respectively) were transformed into arenas-of-sorts. Through playing at 'Cloud Slicer', over 400 passengers were given the unique opportunity to be upgraded to Air France’s new business class cabins in Asia.

A social game / mobile application

The game itself is a social game / mobile application that features a dynamic slew of clouds which players are required to 'slice' to win points and make insane combos, while actively trying to avoid other objects like the moon.

A whimsical game design

This project allowed us to bring to fruition a whimsical game design provided by Fred & Farid, as well as hone our own skills in creating challenging game levels increasingly difficult.


To create an unforgettable experience for our users during the two events, we sent one of our engineers to Osaka and Singapore with Fred & Farid's crew to ensure that the mobile application would be running perfectly and that everyone would have the best possible experience with the game.

As a result, the events ran smoothly without a hitch and participants vastly enjoyed the game, deeming the events an immense success.

The Aftermath

Due to the immense success of the game during the events, Air France then decided to launch a public version of Cloud Slicer. Allowing the public to try out and play Cloud Slicer at their convenience, despite the fact that the contest period had ended.

The success of the game was furthered after it garnered the attention of bloggers and won the illustrious Mobile of the Day award.

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