NCUK is a comprehensive organization founded by leading universities. For the past 25 years, NCUK has been offering programmes to effectively prepare UK university student hopefuls get admitted the school of their choice.
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To celebrate their 25 years of success, NCUK and Netbooster agency requested our help in designing and developing their new chinese corporate website.

User Interface/ Experience

To respect NCUK’s established visual identity, we made sure to identify and use its most distinct design elements, such as colours and fonts. By doing so, we could use our creativity to revamp the website while ensuring that NCUK's brand would remain recognisable and familiar to users.

Mobile & Compatibility

While we were developing the website using Drupal, we had to be cautious when taking into account the requirements for browser compatibility. We made it fully responsive and compatible until Internet Explorer 8 while also developing a mobile-optimized version. Indeed, as many people in China are making heavy use of mobile navigation, they make little use of desktop navigation and thus usually use old browsers as they do not update them regularly, hence the necessity of optimizing the website for a large array of browsers.

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