Les Pigeons Voyageurs
The struggle to attain a rightful reimbursement from SNCF is hardly news for frequent travelers in France. With this in mind, Les Pigeons Voyageurs aims to help the wronged passengers to go through the complicated process required for their reimbursement.
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We created for Les Pigeons Voyageurs a website as well as two mobile applications that guides wronged passengers through the SNCF reimbursement application process with ease, helping them to launch it in few clicks.


Les Pigeons Voyageurs' mascot, a whimsical pigeon, stands for the brand's belief and visual identity. As an homage to the French expression - se faire plumer comme un pigeon - the pigeon mascot is a metaphor insinuating that the people's hopelessness and ambivalence towards receiving a reimbursement is now a thing of the past. Les Pigeons Voyageurs' mascot aims to represent a symbol of change.

Ease of use

Through the website and mobile applications we developed, users will be able to accurately and most importantly easily calculate the sum of their potential reimbursement. From then, users will be led to a straightforward form that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. This is a striking contrast from the regular reimbursement procedures.

This way, the service will be available to a wider scope of audience, freeing the population from the shackles of bureaucracy and needless administration.

Mobile & Features

In order to help the service spreading we developed both android and IOS versions of the mobile application as well as an online platform, using Drupal, including all the following features: - Easy registration using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ - Possibility to calculate and / or launch the reimbursement process in less than 2min - Access to a private account where users can follow the evolution of their demand - Access to a FAQ, tips and news

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