Fast growing tech startup, the guys at Allegorithmic are quickly making a name for themselves in computer generated substances. Since 2003, Allegorithmic has been reinventing 3Dtexturing and has brought essential tools to more than 50,000 3D artists worldwide. Their products have been heavily relied on from Hollywood to the video games industry.
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In March 2015, to keep up with Allegorithmic's fast-growth, we revamped their whole site from the original that we had crafted for them 3 years ago. Launching several new features, a new design and a mobile version of it.

Widely Accessible

Fully integrated with a multitude of platforms such as Steam, Allegorithmic’s revamped site allows their innovations and tools to be more widely accessible.

Live Registration

To further facilitate users buying processes, the site now includes a "Live registration feature" which allows users to pay as they go and cancel their registration whenever they want to stop using the softwares. By enhancing the user's experience workflow in purchasing products the content management and the performance of the website were also greatly enhanced.

Enhance Community

With this combination of accessibility and convenience, the site is progressively moving from simple platform with scattered customers to a close-knitted community of loyal users.

A "turn-key" design

While preparing Allegorithmic's new Drupal website, we completely revamped the front-end design, making it more modern, as well as launched a mobile version of the website.

A tailored solution

However, as Allegorithmic wanted to have 100% control over the layout of their website to be able to freely modify it, we did not design any pages for the new website.

The "page builder"

Instead we defined with them a whole layer system (page builder), composed of pre-themed blocs that they can organize and modify as they want on each page, helping them to compose by themselves astonishing pages without typing a single line of code.

About Feedbacks

Following the launch of the newly developed website, Allegorithmic customers went to Twitter to provide their positive feedback on the site revamp. Feedbacks being paramount to evaluating the quality of our work, we are proud to consider this project as an immense success.

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