VIP in France
VIP in France provides professional services in luxury tourism, conciergerie, and an array of tailor-made services. The foremost brand offers a luxurious glimpse into the best of what France savoir-faire has to offer.
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For VIP in France, we wanted to create a website that embodies their vision of French luxury, which is the vision of France that their target audience carries with them.

Simple Design

We were asked to design a simple yet effective website for VIP in France to present its activity and services while displaying the brand’s image of French luxury. To do so, we decided to create a 1 page website in order to keep the design simple and to-the-point.

Responsive design

To further the website we made it responsive and also developed a mobile version. That way more potential customers can peruse VIP in France's site.

French Luxury

Within the site we included various picturesque videos of France and its iconic landmarks to match VIP in France’s customers views and expectations of the country. Doing so was a way to confirms VIP in France ability to comply with each customer’s specific needs: VIP offers the France that you dreamt of. Also to ensure that customers will be able to effectively find the information they need on the website, we helped VIP to design a relevant navigation through the use of different sections.

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