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With 15 of the top 20 game & digital entertainment publishers among its clients, Virtuos has made a name for itself as one of the best in the industry of game development. With the goal of excelling as a digital entertainment production company, Virtuos’ passion and professionalism have been reflected within their work.
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To accurately convey Virtuos’ strive for excellence and professionalism, we designed and developed a high-end corporate website that reflects their value, their love for the video game and digital industry as well as the achievements that set their path.

User Interface/ Experience

We wanted to give Virtuos' website a gaming and unique atmosphere as an homage to their projects and strive to excel in their industry.

This was done through a variety of elements: - Firstly the UX design as we wanted each section of the website to be different and signify the vastly different universes Virtuos has. The site's 'Games' section features a mosaic of their works and projects, while the company page includes a timeline and other elements designed exclusively for the section. etc. - Secondly, we included a multitude of animations to induce dynamism within the site


Furthermore, we made full use of colors, icons and patterns in our design as we opted for lively shades with their VI's orange, cut-edge shaped motifs and icons throughout the site; The variety of excellent visuals they were able to provide, due to the projects they work on was also a + for our inspiration.

Responsive design

While geared towards American audiences, Virtuos' brand is also appealing to the Chinese market where a part of the population still uses old web-browsers. To ensure that a maximum of users were able to navigate the website, we therefore made sure our integration was compatible until Internet Explorer 8.

We also developed a mobile version of the website, allowing it to be experienced on PC tablets and smartphone devices.

Modular Website

We wanted all the website's features and animations to be available on any page, and not only specific ones, to follow up with our client's evolution needs.

Therefore, we decided to develop only one content type in the website, called "Page Builder". Using Drupal custom entities, we set up a whole panel of "Page Elements" corresponding to the different website's features. That way our client can easily compose pages by himself with all the elements he needs, without having to code them again.

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