Versus Foot
Versus Foot is a promising start-up that has quickly gained its reputation in Paris. The company provides, through its ecommerce website, easy means to book soccer fields. Buy what truly sets Versus Foot apart, however, is their array of additional services that range from video replay to recommendations on suitable fields.
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For Versus Foot, we designed and developed an e-commerce website, using Drupal commerce, with a full-fledged reservation system allowing customers to efficiently reserve football fields at their needed times. To further Versus Foot’s service, we developed an algorithm to optimize field reservations. By doing so, Versus Foot is able to effectively match customers’ reservation time and length of booking to the most appropriate field available, as well as make recommendations to users.

Unique Design

With the design of the site, we wanted to utilise something truly unique for Versus Foot. For this reason we created a modern front end with parallax effects. At the launch of Versus Foot's site, those effects were the first of their kind, prior to the increasing popularity of parallax in subsequent websites.

Inclusive video replay

Within Versus Foot's array of services is an inclusive video replay. While it is now common practice for some sites to offer video systems, Versus Foot’s video replay was one of the first to be introduced. To help execute this concept, we installed real cameras in each gamefield and developed a system that allows footage to be directly uploaded online within 10 minutes. That way Versus foot customers can watch their favorite plays and moments of their matches as soon as they are over.

Booking service

Versus Foot runs a smooth booking service as customers are able to either call to book fields or to use use of the online system. To accommodate this, we created an advanced back office which is capable of aggregating all reservations, rendering it as more of a company management tool. We also created a mobile version of the site, allowing more customers to consult the site on-the-go.

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