Open Hunt
OpenHunt is an innovative solution to answer the difficulties in headhunting and recruitment. As a pioneer in crowd recruitment, OpenHunt seeks out the most efficient way of pairing companies and talents through a close-knit network of professionals and their recommendations.
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We developed for OpenHunt a crowd-recruting website with a vaste membership system, allowing companies to find the best profiles, thanks to the crowd recommandations.


Users have the possibility to recommend candidates and to win monetary rewards if those latter are finally hired. Yet to ensure a high level of quality and trust within the community and through the recommendations, one has to be invited by a current user to become one himself. That way the community can control the professionalism of its members.


To further the site, we included a merit-based gamification system to OpenHunt's website, where users unlock extra features and become 'higher' in the community through a point-based system.


Dashboard system for the different parts: members and companies Application online, candidates are given notation based the goodfather, the answers to the application form => linked with the offer published by the company

Automatic calculation

Automatic calculation of points after a completed application "The company side ! - possibiliy to create JD => which will be ponderated for the application - See ongoing offers => see the application in the dynamic table that sorts automaticaly the best candidates"
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