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Founded in 1831, New York University (NYU) is one of the largest private higher educational institutions in the United States. Through its diverse and driven student body, NYU has established itself as a leading global network university. This is furthered by its scope of campuses around the globe: from Abu Dhabi to Shanghai, Sydney to Prague, and Paris to Buenos Aires.
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Prior to the actual production process of NYU's website revamp, our proposal was pitted against 200 other agencies in Shanghai, all hoping to be given the opportunity to design NYU's new website. Through hard-work and dedication, our proposal was selected to represent the design of NYU's new site.

User Interface/ Experience

When working on a project for an educational institute, particularly one as renowned as NYU, it is imperative to take into account the various different target audiences that will visit the website: future students, parents, students, professors, alumnis, etc.

Therefore, with such a large number of different audiences, we did a substantial amount of work on user experience to ensure that each target audience will be able to find relevant information with ease.

Mobile, Tablet & Compatibility

Asides from designing a desktop version of the site, we also designed a version for mobile phones and tablets to ensure responsive experience. That way students and professors who are busy with their academics' obligations can still access the site on-the-go.

Refined Design

Due to NYU’s notoriety, we composed with the university's strict visual guidelines when revamping its webdesign. But this didn't stopped our creativity and we made sure to demonstrate our best abilities to produce a clean and refined design meeting all of our client's directives.

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