Tucked away in the charming city of Namur, NE5T is a hotel and spa retreat that offers a world of relaxation in blissfully tranquil surroundings. NE5T also provides customized services, as they offer 6 different designer apartments each with their own character.
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To address NE5T’s needs, we designed and developed an e-commerce website that could clearly promote 3 things: the hotel; the spa; and reservation bookings.

Smooth naviguation

To clearly distinguish and promote the 3 main areas (hotel, spa, reservation), we used these areas as main navigation. Thereby highlighting the unique features that each area has to offer. We also included music on the website to convey a sense of relaxation and bliss that can be found through NE5T’s services.


NE5T’s website was built under drupal, and was provided with a back office in order to give them the freedom and flexibility to manage their own content, thereby allowing NE5T’s staff to modify or add new services autonomously. We also included an integrated booking service to allow convenient and efficient reservation bookings for NE5T’s services.

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