Kami is a French brand with extensive knowledge in working with high-end Ready-to-wear brands. It is imperative for staff at luxury houses to look in-vogue while maintaining a high level of professionalism. In response to this need, Kami provides luxury uniforms at a reasonably priced level for numerous luxury houses.
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We were contacted by Kami to design and develop their new Asia website. For this website, our design had two main goal: to localize the corporate website to the local market; and to present their latest collection: Kami Black.

A unique experience

While working with Kami, we helped the brand define the entire user experience of the website. Furthermore, to make the website truly unique, we didn’t stop at just designing 1 type of content page; for each page, we designed an entirely different type of content page. This allows each page’s content to be displayed appropriately, and truly sets this website apart from other corporate websites.

Kami's website development

We created Kami’s website using Drupal, as well as a mobile version of their site to allow potential customers to peruse their website on-the-go. Moreover, their website is available in 3 languages: Chines, English and Japanese, in order to reach a wide scope of audiences.

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