Insiders Expedition
The Insiders Group organizes trips that bring you to the most authentic and picturesque regions of China. Allowing you to discover its vibrant heritage through adventurous expeditions.
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We developed a website with other homogenous sites for Insiders Group in order to group together their different types of trips and activities.

Multi-site development

For Insiders Expedition, we did more than create solely 1 sebwite, but instead went through a multisite development with animations (ajax). This allows Insiders Expedition to reach different targets by having a different website for each different section of activities on offer.


We were also focused on the visual aspect of the website, and made full use of Insiders Expedition’s beautiful visuals of their journeys by our full screen design. To fully drive-home the picturesque sights of the trips, we included a video player within the website for the visuals to make a full impact.


The site was based on Drupal, and we included a back office which allows the Insiders Expedition team to manage their own content however they like without having to consult us or external third parties for help. This allows them to efficiently add or modify current trips on offer.

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