Pernod Ricard has established itself as one of the world leaders in the premium spirits industry. With 40 years of experience, the brand continues to grow and flourish through its outstanding products and a real sense of digital innovation.
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To promote Pernord Ricard's products and Infobarasia's Bartender competition in China, we designed and developed, using Drupal, a social network website that encompasses the brand's dedication to their craft, customers and products.

The website we developed invites bartenders based in China to exchange recipes or to share news of events on the Asian bar scene. This manner of collaborating is the first of its kind in Asia, and will hopefully pave the way to an easier form of communication between mixologists. .

Social network made with drupal

The website includes, in addition to more original ones, all social features you would expect for a social network allowing users to:

  • Register to the website, using their email but also with their WeChat
  • Build their own profile & professional resume pages
  • Post statues and updates, follow other users, access to their own updates & communicate with them.
  • Like & comment each update

Recommendation system

  • Search and find other bartenders manually or thanks to the recommendations' system
  • Invite friends to join the community
  • Access to community news, events and promotions

An app. close to its users

As bartenders are not usually the type to sit behind a computer during their shift, we believed the website needed to be more mobile-focused in its experience to maximize the number of users and contents shared.

Therefore, we designed the website to be totally fit for Mobile / Pc Tablets viewing, integrating several specific theme layers for these devices (responsive design).

WeChat integration

We focused on tailoring Infobarasia to WeChat, a ubiquitous messaging application in China. To start, users of Infobarasia can login to the site via Wechat; and receive Wechat notifications when having new followers, winning a game, etc.

To go even further in the accessibility of the site, we also integrated it directly within Wechat by developing a "WeChat menu", allowing the majority of Infobarasia's features to be accessible directly via Wechat.


We understand that keeping an audience is just as essential as attracting an audience, which is why we introduced different gamification layers to increase user retention on the Drupal website we developed.

On the site, we developed 3 types of games and challenges in which users can participate to gain points: - Photo challenges - Cocktail recipe challenges - MCQ Quizzes

Counting points

Points can also be gained through simple interactions on the site, such as liking others' posts or posting photos. As the number of points increase, the user's visibility on the site will also increase. When a user has gained a sufficient amount of points, he will be hailed as a community leader on the site, giving him even more exposure to other users.


Having to work on a CMS base when doing a project like a social media is always interesting as it brings several question about performance and reactivity. By basing all our development on a single API structure, communicating with Drupal API to provide the client with a nice back end, we were able to take advantage of Drupal while optimizing the website’s performances.

Glenn Cheynier, Project Consultant
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