Haiku by Hatsune
Haiku by Hatsune is a well known Japanese Californian fusion restaurant. It offers its clients with one of the best dining experience in Shanghai.
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As Haiku by Hatsune’s main objective was to increase their online presence, we created a website focused on design and elegance to convey the restaurant’s upscale identity.

A unique ambience

When building their website, we took into account the Haiku by Hatsune’s existing visual identity of premium excellence. Therefore, we decided to create a particular lounge ambience using animations with drifting grains of rice and music.

Smooth naviguation

Something that renders their website truly unique is the navigation. When perusing the site, users would never have to reload the page due to asynchronous loading. Furthermore, when going from one page to another, the page visibly swipes onto the next page. This is done in a particular pattern to create a sense of continuity and coherence.

A Drupal website

Much like our other projects, Haiku by Hatsune’s site was built using Drupal. This includes a back office, allowing them to autonomously modify and manage their own content.

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