Forma Design
Forma Design is a design office dedicated to the 'art of design'. This is demonstrated by their comprehensive approach to interior design and their careful selection of furniture.
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To accurately reflect Forma Design's refined brand image, we revamped their website using Drupal CMS. Furthermore we fixed various issues that existed in their previous site and designed a more effective user experience by reworking the displayed information and providing them with a responsive mobile design.

User Interface/ Experience

Although Forma Design has launched their first website in 2010, it was quickly falling behind and was deemed ‘old fashioned’. But most importantly, the site failed to respond to what should have been its main aim: effectively displaying relevant information. Taking this into account, we revamped the site to reflect their luxurious and high-end image; and also improved the amiss user experience, thus allowing customers to efficiently find what they're looking for.

Responsive & SEO

To allow customers to access their site on-the-go, we further developed a mobile version of Forma Design’s site. Additionally, we also optimized their SEO which was lacking in their previous website, providing them with more visibility and a better ranking on Google.

Content Management

As a distributor of numerous collections, Forma Design’s catalogue can only be described as extensive. Therefore we feel that it is imperative for the site to include an import feature that allows Forma Design to directly import an entire product catalogue, rather than arduously uploading products individually. We have also provided a custom back office which lets Forma Design easily update and change the content of the website at their will.

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