Cosy For You
Originally, Cosy For You was created as an accessible means to measure curtains and similar linens. However, the team has since then expanded, and now, Cosy For You is a purveyor of housing linens of all sorts, with their extensive collection of curtains, linens, sheets, and bedding, all tailor made to creating a comfort-filled home.
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When working with Cosy For You, we designed and developed a website to allow them to effectively sell and display their products.

An extensive e-commerce

The website we designed and developed for Cosy For You is an e-commerce platform, allowing the brand to sell their products online. This included a product catalogue, in order to clearly display their products in a visually appealing manner; user accounts; and promotions, for particular cases when Cosy For You decides to launch coupons or other promotions.

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